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The interplay between cyclin-B-Cdc2 kinase (MPF) and MAP kinase during maturation of oocytes
A. Abrieu, M. Doree, D. Fisher


Throughout oocyte maturation, and subsequently during the first mitotic cell cycle, the MAP kinase cascade and cyclin-B-Cdc2 kinase are associated with the control of cell cycle progression. Many roles have been directly or indirectly attributed to MAP kinase and its influence on cyclin-B-Cdc2 kinase in different model systems; yet a principle theme does not emerge from the published literature, some of which is apparently contradictory. Interplay between these two kinases affects the major events of meiotic maturation throughout the animal kingdom, including the suppression of DNA replication, the segregation of meiotic chromosomes, and the prevention of parthenogenetic activation. Central to many of these events appears to be the control by MAP kinase of cyclin translation and degradation.