Table 2.

Ratio of proteins in the trailing/leading edges of Dictyostelium obtained by fluorescence microscopy

Trailing/leading edgesMean±s.dCells (n)Student's t-test
F-actin/34 kDa*1.38±0.3819P<0.01
F-actin/34 kDa-GFP1.19±0.1522P<0.01
F-actin/34 kDaΔ EF21.09±0.2922P=0.286
  • * Ratios obtained using wild-type AX2.

  • Ratios obtained using 34-kDa-null amobae with indicated 34 kDa protein expressed.

  • The P values obtained from the student's t-test show that the ratio of F-actin/34 kDa protein and F-actin/34-kDa-GFP in the trailing versus the leading edges are significantly different than the distribution of F-actin/F-actin in these regions. By contrast, the ratio of F-actin/34 kDaΔ EF2 protein in the trailing versus the leading edges are not significantly different from the distribution of F-actin in these regions.