Table 1.

ROS production in wild type and mutant ORC strains

Strain Genotype Stimulus (6 hours) ROS-positive (in %)
W303 wild type 37°C <0.1
GA1410 orc2-1 (MATa) 37°C 32.0
GA1411 orc2-1 (MATα) 37°C 3.0
YB0057 orc2-1 37°C 3.0
GA1680 GAL-orc2-1 galactose <0.1
GA1680 GAL-orc2-1 glucose 7.4
YB0059 orc5-1 37°C <0.1
YMW101 ORC2 ROS+ 37°C 7.0
YMW102 orc2-1 (YB0057) × ORC2 ROS+ 37°C 34.6
YMW103 orc5-1 (YB0059) × ORC2 ROS+ 37°C 21.5
  • ROS measurements were made after subjecting cells to the indicated stimulus. All cells are in the W303 background.