Table 1.

Conserved X-box sequences in nph-1 and nph-4 homologs

Species Gene Location* X-box sequence
C. elegans nph-1(M28.7) −77 to −63 GTTGCC AGG GGCAAC
C. briggsae nph-1(CBG03043) −68 to −55 GTTGCC AT GGTCAC
Mouse nephrocystin-1 −14 to −1 GTTTCC CT GACAAC
C. elegans nph-1(R13h4.1) −168 to −155 ATTTCC AT GACAAC
C. briggsae nph-4(CBG23249) −186 to −173 ATTTCC AT GGCAAC
Mouse nephrocystin-4 −231 to −218 GTCTCC TA GGTAAC
Consensus X-box (C. elegans) GTHNYY AT RRNAAC
  • * For C. elegans and C. briggsae these positions are relative to the translational start site. The mouse positions are relative to the start of transcription.

  • R=G/A; Y=C/T; H=A/T.C; N=G/A/T/C; bold letters denote a match to the C. elegans X-box consensus sequence.