Table 1.

Panel of cellular and molecular markers used to screen for NMJ-capping-cell epitopes

Antibody/marker Cell type or antigen Antibody 2166 staining*
S100 Schwann cells -
GFAP Reactive Schwann cells -
Nestin Reactive Schwann cells -
M-Cadherin Satellite cells -
NCAM Satellite cells -
Desmin Satellite cells -
Thy-1 Fibroblasts/neurons -
F4/80 Macrophages -
CD34 Stem cells +
rPH Fibroblasts +
HM-24 GGFII-related molecules +
CTB GM1 ganglioside +
  • * Positive staining was obtained with CD34, rPH, HM-24 and CTB. Other markers of Schwann cells, macrophages, fibroblasts and other satellite cells did not stain NMJ-capping cells.