Table 2.

Dynamic properties of F-actin (filopodia) in growth cones

Fluorescent molecule or mode of visualisation Average orthograde speed (μm/min) Average retrograde speed (μm/min) Neuron type Species Reference
Alexa 594-Phall 4-6 6.2 (in P-domain) Bag cell Aplysia (Medeiros et al., 2006)
0.8 (in T-zone)
Phall-actin 4.7±0.2 Bag cell Aplysia (Lee and Suter, 2008)
Actin-GFP 4.68±0.24 (stiff substrate) Forebrain Chick (Chan and Odde, 2008)
6.3±0.42 (soft substrate)
Actin-GFP 11.6±0.9 9.2±1.2 Cerebral cortical Rat (Geraldo et al., 2008)
Polystyrene beads 0.063±0.002 SCG Rat (Myers et al., 2006)
Actin-GFP/caged Q-Rho-actin 1.0 0.63 Neuroblastoma cells Mouse (Mallavarapu and Mitchison, 1999)
  • Phall, phalloidin; Rho, rhodamine; SCG, superior cervical ganglion