Table 1.

Comparison of different vessel parameters in transgenic and wild-type mice

Wild-typeTransgenicP value
Blood vessel density (vessels/mm2)159.03±3.44199.39±3.370.034
Smooth muscle actin-stained vessel density (vessels/mm2)150.58±2.33192.11±3.880.049
Average blood vessel area (μm2)26.73±3.27110.42±17.120.00029
Average blood vessel length without branching (μm)36.11±1.3611.57±0.45<0.00001
Lymphatic vessel density (vessels/mm2)123.09±1.04126.53±1.170.725
  • Ten independent fields/animal were analyzed for each parameter, corresponding to a total of 67 and 107 blood vessel areas and 296 and 312 blood vessel tracts without branching for wild-type and transgenic mice, respectively. The fields analyzed were localized in the upper dermis. Areas and distances were calculated by computer-assisted image analysis, using a Zeiss KS300, Version 3.0 program. Results are expressed as mean±s.e.m. The two-tailed t-test was employed to determine the probability value (P).