Table 1.

Effect of vimentin gene inactivation on proximal tubular cell differentiation

Enzymatic activity (nmol/mg protein/minutes)Intracellular cAMP content (pmol/mg protein)
Vim +/+ 15.5±0.74306±1515±3547±101165±53
Vim -/- 15.0±2.08298±1720±3436±85138±71
5′-Nu, 5′-nucleotidase; γ-GT,γ -glutamyltranspeptidase; PTH, parathyroid hormone (added at 10-7 M); dDAVP, arginine vasopressin (added at 10-6 M). Experiments were performed in proximal tubular cells in primary culture from vimentin-null mice (Vim-/-) and from wild-type littermates (Vim+/+). Data are means±s.e.m. of five separate cultures; experiments were performed in triplicate. No significant difference was observed between Vim-/- and Vim+/+ cells for all the parameters.