Table 2.

Effect of vimentin gene inactivation on proximal tubular cell transport activity

Na-dependent MGP uptake (nmol/mg protein/10 minutes)Na-dependent alanine uptake (nmol/mg protein/10 minutes)Ouabain-sensitive rubidium uptake (nmol/mg protein/10 minutes)
Vim +/+ 29±3.52.6±0.32146±40
Vim -/- 17±1.1 *2.7±0.31185±11
Na-dependent [14C]-MGP (1 mM, 10 minutes), L-[3H]-alanine (0.1 mM, 10 minutes) and ouabain-sensitive [86Rb]-Cl uptake (K: 140 mM, 10 minutes) was measured as described in Materials and Methods. Experiments were performed in proximal tubular cells in primary culture from vimentin-null mice (Vim-/-) and from wild-type littermates (Vim+/+). Data are means±s.e.m. of five separate cultures; experiments were performed in triplicate. MGP, methyl-α-D-glucopyranoside.
  • * ANOVA: Vim-/- vs Vim+/+ cells, P<0.002.