Table 1.

Tumorigenic features of epithelial and fibroblastoid cell types

Phenotype in cultureEpithelialEpithelialFibroblastoid
Transepithelial resistance a+++++-
Efficiency of colony formation<1×10-30.20.22
Spreading of colonies b--+++
Tumor induction in vivo c-11-12 days6-7 days
Vascularization of tumors d-+/-+++
Phenotype ex-tumor-FibroblastoidFibroblastoid
Invasive growth e-+/-+++
  • a (+++) >200 Ω×cm2, (++) 150-200Ω× cm2, (-) < 20 Ω×cm2.

  • b (-) no and (+++) vigorous spreading of colonies formed in soft agar ( Fig. 4A).

  • c as monitored by initial tumor palpation after subcutaneous injection into SCID/BALB/c mice.

  • d (+/-) a small and (+++) a high proportion of endothelial cells in the respective tumor tissue ( Fig. 4C).

  • e (+/-) a small and (+++) a high number of cells migrate through Matrigel invasion chambers ( Fig. 4E).