Table 4.

Failure of pronuclear migration and zygotic mitoses in asp-derived eggs

First mitosis
GenotypeTotal eggs scoredPronuclear migrationPronuclear appositionGonomericHaploid spindlesIrregular spindlesOthers
Oregon R9372.87.777.10012.4
aspdd4/aspdd4 42211.71.94.548.116.217.6
asp1/aspdd4 36914.30.83.946.416.717.9
The Table lists the proportion (%) of eggs at the indicated stages 20 minutes after deposition. Eggs were fixed for 5 minutes and stained with anti-tubulin antibody and Hoechst dye to score DNA and microtubules. Figures were scored as follows. Pronuclear migration: male and female pronuclei were not contacted. Pronuclear apposition: male and female pronuclei were in contact. First mitosis: stages ranging from prophase to telophase of the first nuclear cycle in which gonomeric, haploid or abnormal spindles are present. Others: various developmental stages after the first mitosis.