Table 1.

Lateral pseudopod formation by cells crawling in buffer or in a spatial gradient of cAMP *

ConditionCell typeNumber of cells0 Lateral pseudopods per 10 min (%) 1 Lateral pseudopod per 10 min (%) 2 Lateral pseudopods per 10 min (%) >2 lateral pseudopods per 10 min (%) Average frequency of lateral pseudopod per cell per 10 min
Spatial gradientJH102040451500.75
  • * Cells were imaged at 25× magnification. For the definition of a lateral pseudopod, see Materials and Methods. Cells were analyzed in all cases for 10 minutes.

  • A Chi square test was performed between JH10 and S13A cells on the combined data of the four categories of lateral pseudopod formation. The difference between JH10 and S13A cells both in buffer and spatial gradients of cAMP was found to be highly significant (10-12 and 4×10-3, respectively).