Table 2.

Motility, dynamic morphology and chemotaxis parameters in a spatial gradient of cAMP

Cell typeCell numberInstantaneous velocity (μm/min)Positive flow (%min)Directional change (deg./min)Area (μm2)Maximum length (μm)Roundness (%)Percent positive chemotaxis Chemotactic index
P values *
JH10 vs S13A0.00010.0060.0030.030.040.000010.001
S13 vs WT-resNS(0.01)NS(0.03)0.001NSNS0.04NS(0.02)
  • * Significance was determined by the Student t-test for all measured parameters except `percent positive chemotaxis'. A P value greater than 0.05 was considered non-significant (NS), but values close to 0.05 are shown in parenthesis.

  • A Chi-square test found the difference between JH10 and S13A close to significant and the difference between WT-res and S13A significant.