Table 3.

Binding affinities of different PCNA partners

PartnerAffinity (KD, nM)References
pol δ/RF-C holoenzyme*10-20 Maga and Hübscher, 1996
RF-C21 Gomes and Burgers, 2001
pol ϵ10 Maga and Hübscher, 1995
pol λ25-30 Maga et al., 2002
Fen160 Warbrick et al., 1997
Lig140-80* Levin et al., 1997
p2110-15Knibiehler et al., 1996; Zheleva et al., 2000
  • * Value estimated from inhibition data, assuming a KD of PCNA for pol δ of 10-20 nM