Table 1.

Effect of 48 hours of incubation with AP5 on NO-induced cGMP in cerebellar granule cells

TreatmentcGMP in 7 DIV cells (pmol/106 cells)% of control responsecGMP in 14 DIV cells (pmol/106 cells)% of control response
10 μM AP534±9**6031±5++60
50 μM AP529±8**5234±6++64
100 μM AP533±7**5830±7++58
500 μM AP5ND23±1++44
1 mM AP5ND23±2++44
  • Cerebellar granule cells were incubated with the indicated concentrations of AP5 for 48 hours; afterwards they were washed twice and after 1 hour of incubation with Locke's solution (the last 30 minutes containing 0.5 mM IBMX) they were stimulated with 1 μM DEA/NO for 10 minutes and their cGMP content measured. Values significantly different from 7 days in vitro (DIV) control cells or 14 DIV control cells are indicated: ND, not determined

  • ** P<0.01

  • ++ P<0.01