Table 1.

Amino acid properties of α and β connexins on discriminatory positions and corresponding Cx43 amino acid substitution variants *

Locationα connexinsβ connexinsCx43 variant
P1 (12 in N-terminal tail)Negatively charged D, ESmall, non-charged S, GD12S
P2 (13 in N-terminal tail)Polar K, N, Q, ESmall non-charged GK13G
P3 (152 in TM3)Non-aromatic L, MAromatic WL152W
P4 (153 in TM3)Non-aromatic R, G, NAromatic WR153W
  • * Physico-chemical properties of amino-acid residues discriminating α and β connexins at these positions are indicated. Amino-acid residues are given in single letter code

  • Amino acid positions correspond to the Cx43 sequence