Table 1.

Effect of olomoucine on the appearance of TIS21 and MAP2 immunoreactivity in the developing mouse telencephalon

TIS21-positive cells MAP2-positive cells
Treatment Experiments Embryos Experiments Embryos
Iso-olomoucine 1/6 1/8 0/5 0/7
Olomoucine 6/6 7/7 3/5 3/6
  • Littermate E9.5 embryos were developed for 24 hours in WEC in the presence of 80 μM iso-olomoucine or olomoucine. Frozen sections were analyzed for TIS21 and MAP2 immunoreactive cells in the neuroepithelium and neuronal layer (Figs 3 and 4) by double immunofluorescence. Data were collected from six independent experiments, one of which was only subjected to TIS21 analysis. Values indicate the number of experiments and the number of embryos in which immunoreactive cells were observed.