Table 2.

DNA clones used

DNA clonesCharacteristics (vector/size of the clone/localization in chromosome 3)Source
DodecasatellitepBK6E218/500 bp/region h53A. Villasante (Abad et al., 1992)
171 satellite (AATAACATAG)pBR322/125 bp/region h48A. Lohe (Lohe et al., 1993)
N1156 (AAGAG)pBR322/372 bp/region h57A. Lohe (Lohe et al., 1993)
AACACpDM3.0/195 bp/Y chromosome and region h42 in chromosome 2I. V. Makunin (Makunin et al., 1999)
aDm23-24 (1.688)pBR322/359 bp/h48p, h50dA. Lohe (Lohe and Brutlag, 1986)