Table 1.

Effects of BDNF on axonal growth and on βgc immunofluorescence in the distal axon

Average axonal length (μm)105±28.2189±24.886.7±31.6
βgc staining intensity (A.U.)65.8±36.2335±92.858.8±21.4
  • Hippocampal pyramidal cells were cultured for 36 hours in control conditions in the presence of either 50 ng/ml BDNF or 50 ng/ml BDNF plus anti-sense KIF2 (asKIF2). Images were recorded and digitized, and the axonal lengths and βgc staining intensities were measured using the morphometric menu of Metamorph 2.0 software. 50 cells were scored in each condition. Results are the averages±s.d.

  • * BDNF values were significantly different from controls at P<0.001 (Student's t-test).

  • BDNF+asKIF did not differ significantly from controls.