Table 1.

Distribution of CD82, LAT, CD71 and total protein content in sucrose gradients

Light fractions (1-4) Intermediate fractions (5-8) Soluble fractions (9-12)
Total protein 8±5% 16±5% 75±5%
CD82 6±5% 40±10% 54±10%
CD71 3±5% 10±5% 87±5%
LAT 82±5% 5±5% 13±5%
  • 2×107 Jurkat cells were lysed and fractionated by sucrose gradient. An equal volume of a pool of four sequential fractions (1-4, 5-8 and 9-12) was resolved by SDS-PAGE and immunoblotted using antibodies against CD82, LAT or CD71, or analysed for total protein contents (Bradford assay). Different exposures of Kodak films were analysed and quantified by visible illumination on a Bioprofil gel analyser. Mean values from three independent experiments are shown.