Table 4.

Parameters of microtubular dynamics

Strain Growth (μm/minute)* Shrinkage (μm/minute)*
wt 2.97±1.23 (n=30) 4.47±2.58 (n=28)
tip1Δ 2.45±1.25 (n=38) 2.75±1.11 (n=21)
tip1Δ ssm4Δ 2.23±1.41 (n=39) 3.02±1.41 (n=37)
  • * Growth and shrinkage rates were calculated for wt, tip1Δ and tip1Δssm4Δ cells. Microtubular dynamics could not be calculated in ssm4Δ because the bundles were thicker and did not display a dissectible dynamic behaviour in our films. The number of microtubules observed is indicated by n.