Table 1.

Ustilago maydis strains

Strain Relevant genotype Reference
FB1 a1 b1 Banuett and Herskowitz, 1989
FB2 a2 b2 Banuett and Herskowitz, 1989
FBD11 a1 a2, b1 b2 Banuett and Herskowitz, 1989
RWS2 a1 b1/ Potefcfp-tub1, hygR Wedlich-Söldner et al., 2002
TAU4 a1 a2, b1 b2, cdk1 cdk1Δ::hph, hygR This study
TAU17 a1 b1, cdk1-1, hygR This study
TAU26 a1 b1, cbx::Phsp70clb2-1, cbxR This study
TAU30 a1 b1, cbx::Pcrg1*clb1Δdb1, cbxR This study
TAU31 a1 b1, cbx::Pcrg1*clb1Δdb1-2, cbxR This study
TAU36-1 a1 b1, cbx::Pcrg1clb1-1, cbxR This study
TAU36-2 a1 b1, cbx::Pcrg1*clb1-1, cbxR This study
TAU41 a1 b1, clb1nar, cbxR This study
TAU42 a1 b1, clb2nar, cbxR This study
TAU45 a1 b1, cbx::Pcrg1*clb1Δdb2, cbxR This study
TAU52-1 a1 b1, cbx::Pcrg1clb2-1, cbxR This study
TAU52-2 a1 b1, cbx::Pcrg1*clb2-1, cbxR This study
TAU53 a1 b1, cbx::Pcrg1*clb2Δdb, cbxR This study
TAU57 a1 b1, cbx::Pcrg1*clb1Δdb1-2, cbxR/Potefcfp-tub1, hygR This study
TAU58 a1 b1, cbx::Pcrg1*clb2Δdb, cbxR/Potefcfp-tub1, hygR This study
UMP19 a1 b1, clb1-1, hygR This study
UMP21 a1 a2, b1 b2, clb1 clb1Δ::hph, hygR This study
UMP25 a1 b1, clb1nar cbxR/Potefcfp-tub1, hygR This study
UMP26 a1 b1, clb2nar cbxR/Potefcfp-tub1, hygR This study
UMP27 a1 b1, clb2-1, hygR This study
UMP32 a1 a2, b1 b2, clb2 clb2Δ::cbx, cbxR This study
  • a, b, mating type genes; Pcrg1, arabinose-controled promoter; Pcrg1*, less-active version of arabinose-controlled promoter; Phsp70, constitutive promoter; Potef, constitutive promoter; clb1nar and clb2nar, conditional ammonium-repressed alleles; cfp-tub1, cyan fluorescent protein-α tubulin fusion; /, ectopically integrated; hygR, hygromycin resistance; cbxR, carboxine resistance.