Table 2.

Efficiency of tyrosine phosphorylation of different CEACAM1-L variants after pervanadate treatment

CEACAM1-L variant Tyr-P: CEACAM1 Localization
Wild-type 1 L
Δ518 0.50 L
S503A 14.9 AP
V518A 0.46 L
3K-3A 272.0 AP
  • Partially polarized cells were treated with pervanadate and solubilized in 1% Triton X-100. CEACAM1-L was immunoprecipitated and the ratio of Tyr phosphorylation levels to CEACAM1 protein levels (Tyr-P: CEACAM1) was determined by western blot with anti-phosphorylated-Tyr antibodies and anti-CEACAM1 antibodies, and quantified in a Fuji Film detector system.

    AP, exclusively apical localization; L, lateral plus apical localization;