Table 1.

Current knowledge of binding regions in A-type lamins and each partner

Partner Binding region in partner Binding region in lamin A/C
Actin ND* Lamins A and C residues 461-536 (Zastrow et al., unpublished)
Lamin A residues 563-646 (Sasseville and Langelier, 1998)
DNA Minor groove Lamins A and C residues 411-553 (Stierle et al., 2003)
E1B 19K Residues 1-146 Lamins A and C residues 252-390 (Rao et al., 1997)
Emerin Residues 70-170 Lamins A and C residues 384-566 (Lee et al., 2001; Sakaki et al., 2001)
Histones ND Lamin C residues 396-430 (Taniura et al., 1995)
Lamin B ND ND
LAP2α Residues 616-693 Lamins A and C residues 319-566 (Dechat et al., 2000)
12(S)-LOX ND Lamin A residues 463-664 (Tang et al., 2000)
MOK2 Residues 1-173 Lamins A and C residues 243-387 (Dreuillet et al., 2002)
Narf ND Farnesylated prelamin A residues 389-664 (Barton and Worman, 1999)
Nesprin 1α Residues 476-1109 ND (Mislow et al., 2002a)
PKCα Residues 200-217 Lamin A residues 500-664 (Martelli et al., 2002)
Residues 660-672
Rb Residues 792-928 ND for lamin C (Markiewicz et al., 2002)
Residues 612-928 Lamins A and C residues 247-355 (Ozaki et al., 1994)
SREBP Residues 227-487 Lamin A residues 389-664 (Lloyd et al., 2002)
  • * ND, not determined