Table 1.

Density of SNX1 immunogold labelling over multicisternal endosomes

Lamin A siRNA TSG101 siRNA
Membrane (μm) 15.46 16.71
Total SNX1 particles 59 57
Particles per μm membrane 3.8 3.4
  • Lamin A- or TSG101-depleted cells were incubated with Tf-HRP for 45 min at 37°C and post-fix labelled with 5 nm gold for SNX1. Measurements were made of membrane length of Tf-HRP-containing endosomes in control cells (from 6 cells) and Tf-HRP-containing multicisternal endosomes from TSG101-depleted cells (7 cells; only membrane exposed to cytosol was measured, based on the assumption that antibody would be excluded from intercisternal areas). SNX1 gold particles on measured membrane were counted.