Table 2.

Quantification of small detachment events in the processed force curves and mean force jump for all `J' and `T' events recorded

Time (seconds) WT SLB n WT + RGD n
n* Force (pN)
1 2.5±0.3 36.9±26.1 (280) 1.3±0.5
2 2.0±0.3 42.7±29.6 (151) 1.1±0.2 0.8±0.1
5 3.5±0.8 35.2±26.8 (135) 1.3±0.5 0.5±0.1
Force (pN) WT SLB
`J' 34.5±27.0 (666) 29.5±18.9 (221)
`T' 39.0±14.0 (163)
  • All cells were grown on glass surfaces coated with fibronectin.

    WT, wild-type cells; SLB, slb/wnt11 cells; +RGD, 250 μM RGD peptides added to the cultures.

  • * mean±s.e.m.

  • Gaussian fit (mean±width) with the total number of such events given in brackets

  • Mean force jump (in pN) for all `J' events recorded and for tethers (`T' events in Fig. 3). The comparison of wild-type and slb/wnt11 (SLB) average data over all the recorded `J' events showed that the number but not the force associated with these events is affected in mutant cells. The RGD blocking experiment also showed a decrease in the number of these events