Table 1.

Effects of IFNγ on the sieving parameters derived from application of the modified sieving model to PEG oligomer permeability across T84 monolayers presented in Fig. 1

rs1 (Å) α (second-1) β (cm2/second)
Control 4.3±0.1 6.4±0.9 0.4±0.1
IFNγ 0.1 ng/ml 4.5±0.1 (ns) 6.2±1.1 (ns) 1.0±0.1 (*)
IFNγ 1.0 ng/ml 4.5±0.2 (ns) 4.3±0.6 (ns) 3.5±0.5 (**)
IFNγ 10 ng/ml 4.6±0.5 (ns) 4.6±0.3 (ns) 6.1±1.1 (**)
96 hours after IFNγ 4.3±0.14 (ns) 5.2±1.1 (ns) 1.0±0.1 (*)
  • Descriptors of the restrictive and non-restrictive pores (rs1, α and β) are defined in Materials and Methods. Also shown are the sieving parameters for monolayers in which PEG oligomer permeability was measured 96 hours after removal of 10 ng/ml IFNγ. Data are mean±s.e.m. of four separate profiles in each group. Significant differences indicated at *P<0.05 and **P<0.01 compared to levels in the controls; ns, P>0.05 compared to control levels.