Table 1.

CZH protein subfamilies and specificities

Subfamily Human members (alternative names) [GenBank GI no.] Comments Substrate Drosophila ortholog [GenBank GI no.] C. elegans ortholog [GenBank GI no.] Refs
Dock180 Dock180 (Dock1) [4503355] Broadly distributed but absent from lymphocytes Rac1* Myoblast city [7511969] Ced-5 [7511497] Selective interaction with Rac Akakura et al., 2004; Brugnera et al., 2002; Cote and Vuori, 2002; Hasegawa et al., 1996; Kiyokawa et al., 1998a; Nishihara et al., 1999
Dock2 [31377468] Selective expression in hematopoietic cells; lacks proline-rich motifs for Crk binding Rac1*, Rac2* Akakura et al., 2004; Cote and Vuori, 2002; Fukui et al., 2001; Nishihara, 1999; Nishihara et al., 1999; Nishihara et al., 2002b; Sanui et al., 2003a
Dock5 [45439362] Dock5 has not been cloned Unknown
Dock4 Dock4 [29568109] Expressed predominantly in skeletal muscle, prostate and ovary Rac Dm Dock4 [28381487] Lu et al., 2005; Yajnik et al., 2003
Dock3 (MOCA; PBP) [23297197] Expressed predominantly in neuronal cells in the brain and spinal cord Rac* De Silva et al., 2003; Grimsley et al., 2004; Namekata et al., 2004
Zizimin Zizimin1 (Dock9; KIAA1058) [22038159] Enriched in multiple tissues of non-hematopoietic cells Cdc42 Dm zizimin Ce zizimin [17506759] Cote and Vuori, 2002; Meller et al., 2002; Nishikimi et al., 2005
Zizimin2 (Dock11) [40068509] Expressed predominantly in lymphocytes Cdc42 Nishikimi et al., 2005
Zizimin3 (Dock10; KIAA0694) [32469767] Expressed in some hematopoietic and non-hematopoietic tissues; not fully cloned Unknown, low-affinity interaction with Cdc42, TCL and RhoA, but not Rac or TC10 Nishikimi et al., 2005
Zir Zir1 (Dock6; KIAA1395) [32469768] Zir1 has not been cloned Unknown Dm zir [22945582] Ce zir [17567793]
Zir2 (Dock7;KIAA1771) Zir2 has not been fully cloned Unknown Cote and Vuori, 2002
Zir3 (Dock8; FLJ00346) [44889960] Unknown Ruusala and Aspenstrom, 2004
  • * Specific interaction with regard to Cdc42 or Rho

  • Specific interaction with regard to Rac, Rho, TC10 and TCL