Table 1.

Quantification of the co-localisation of GFP-SNX2 with various endosomal markers

Percentage of structures
Marker Co-localisation GFP-SNX2 alone Marker alone
EEA1 70.3±5.6 16.0±6.0 11.7±2.3
EGFR, 10 min 71.0±5.9 12.3±3.4 17.7±9.3
SNX1 78.4±6.4 9.5±7.7 12.1±1.3
LAMP1 9.0±4.2 49.5±12.0 41.5±7.8
  • HeLa cells expressing low levels of GFP-SNX2 were fixed and stained for the various markers. For co-localisation with internalised EGF receptor, serum-starved cells were stimulated for 10 minutes with EGF (100 ng/ml) prior to fixation. The degree of co-localisation was determined as described in Materials and Methods.