Table 1.

Molecular characteristics of rod-like structures

Molecular component Presence in RLS Antibody used (provenance/company)
Actin isoforms Total actin + Mouse mAb (clone Ac40, Sigma, St Louis, MO)
α-SMA + Mouse mAb [α-sm-1, (Skalli et al., 1986)]
β-Cyto actin + Mouse mAb developed in the laboratory
γ-Cyto actin + Mouse mAb developed in our laboratory (manuscript in preparation)
Actin binding proteins Gelsolin + Rabbit polyclonal (Chaponnier and Gabbiani, 1989)
Cofilin + Rabbit polyclonal [gift from Pekka Lappalainen, University of Helsinki, Finland, (Rodal et al., 1999)]
Calponin - Mouse mAb (Sigma)
Tropomyosin - Rabbit polyclonal [gift from Peter Gunning, The Children's Hospital Westmead, Australia; (Percival et al., 2000)]
Palladin - Rabbit polyclonal (gift from Olli Carpèn, University of Helsinki, Finland)
SM22 - Mouse mAb (clone 1B8, gift from Saverio Sartore, university of Padua, Italy)
caldesmon - Rabbit polyclonal [gift from Gabriele Pfitzer, University of Cologne, Germany; (Pfitzer et al., 2001)]
α-Actinin - Mouse mAb (clone BM-75.2, Sigma)
MHC from aorta - Rabbit polyclonal (Benzonana et al., 1988)
MHC from platelets - Rabbit polyclonal (Benzonana et al., 1988)
MLC - Rabbit polyclonal (Santa Cruz Biotech, Santa Cruz, CA)
Arp2/3 - Rabbit polyclonal (Svitkina et al., 2003)
Focal adhesion proteins Vinculin - Mouse mAb (clone hVin-1, Sigma)
Talin - Mouse mAb (clone 8d4, Sigma)
Paxillin - Mouse mAb (Transduction Laboratory),
P-Tyr - Mouse mAb (clone 9411, Cell Signaling, Beverly, MA)
Signaling proteins RhoA - Mouse mAb (clone 26C4, Santa Cruz Biotech.)
PKCϵ - Mouse mAb (clone E5, Santa Cruz Biotech.)
MLCK - Mouse mAb (clone K-36, Sigma)
Cytoskeleton proteins Vimentin - Mouse mAb (clone V9, Dako, Postfach, Switzerland).
  • mAb: monoclonal antibody; α-SMA: α-smooth muscle actin; P-Tyr: phosphorylated tyrosine; MHC: myosin heavy chain; MLC: myosin light chain; MLCK: myosin light chain kinase; PKC: protein kinase C.