Table 1.

Summary of features associated with K8–/– colonic inflammation

Colon phenotype K8-/- colitis
Primary cell defect Epithelial
Onset of inflammation Early (≤2 weeks)
T cell phenotype TCRβ+/CD4+
Cytokine profile Th2
MHC II colonocyte expression ↑ (≤2 weeks)
Lymphocyte/vascular adhesion molecules
    α4β7+ lymphocytes
    MAdCAM-1+ venules
    PNAd+ venules Aberrant new expression
  • MHC II, major histocompatibility complex; MAdCAM-1, mucosal addressin cell adhesion molecule-1; PNAd, peripheral node addressin; TCR, T cell receptor; Th2, T helper 2.