Table 1.

The lethal phase of vibrator alleles in homozygous and hemizygous flies. The fertility of females and males in the two weaker alleles is shown in hemizygous flies

Lethal phase Fertility
Allele Panel of Fig. 2 Homozygote Hemizygote Female Male
vibj7A3 A Second instar Second instar
vibS110416 B Early pupae Early pupae
vibEP513 C Embryo pAdult*
vibj5A6 D pAdult* pAdult*
vibS045002 E Adult Adult Fertile Sterile
vibEP651 F Embryo Adult Fertile Fertile
  • * Pharate adult

  • Fertility tests showed that these males were sterile. Dissection of testes revealed the presence of non-motile sperm

  • Motile sperm