Table 1.

Genetic interaction between JIL-1 and Chro alleles

Cross Number of third instar larvae % Expected ratio*
JIL-1z2 Chro71/TM6 × JIL-1z2 Chro612/TM6 JIL-1z2 Chro71/JIL-1z2 Chro612 JIL-1z2 Chro71/TM6 or JIL-1z2 Chro612/TM6
0 664 0.0%
Chro71/TM6 × Chro612/TM6 Chro71/Chro612 Chro71/TM6 or Chro612/TM6
271 601 93.2%
JIL-1z2/TM6 × JIL-1z2/TM6 JIL-1z2/JIL-1z2 JIL-1z2/TM6
147 320 94.4%
  • * In these crosses the TM6 chromosome was identified by the Tubby marker. Consequently, the experimental genotypes could be distinguished from balanced heterozygotic larvae by absence of the Tubby marker. The expected mendelian ratio of non-Tubby to Tubby larvae was 1:2 because TM6/TM6 is embryonic lethal. The percentage of expected genotypic ratios were calculated as: observed non-Tubby larvae × 300/total observed larvae