Table 2.

Percentage co-localization of mAtg9 with TGN46 upon starvation after knocking down Atg proteins

Culture medium FM ES
RNAi siC siC ULK1 ULK2 Beclin Atg5 Atg7 Atg12
Average±s.e.m. 51.2±1.2% 29.1±1.7% 61.6±1.9% 32.9±2.6% 41.6±1.6% 31.9±1.9% 32.7±1.5% 34.4±2.2%
  • Images were analysed using the co-localization function of the Zeiss LSM-510 software. Quantification was performed using a region of interest surrounding the TGN staining and data are the mean values of 10 cells from a representative experiment