Table 1.

Results from the chromosome-binding assay using wild-type and different mutant lamin Dm0 tail domain proteins

Construct Mutation(s) Binding to mitotic chromosome, AU/px2 (±s.d.)
WT None 62.8 (15.9)
ΔNLS KRKR446-449→ΔΔΔΔ 7.6 (3.9)
ΔRAT RAT433-435→ΔΔΔ 12.6 (3.0)
DRAD T432→D; T435→D 8.4 (4.3)
ARAT T432→A 37.8 (16.7)
TRAA T435→A 1.9 (1.6)
TRAD T435→D 2.1 (2.4)
DRAT T432→D 1.0 (0.7)
ΔSVA SVA459-461→ΔΔΔ 55.0 (14.0)
AAA SVA459-461→AAA 33.8 (11.9)
Control No protein 1.6 (2.2)
  • Constructs used to express the proteins are described in Fig. 1B. Examples of the experiments are shown in Fig. 2. Quantification of the fluorescent signal was performed using the Science Laboratory 99 Image Gauge software and is presented as the average fluorescence signal of binding to mitotic chromosomes in arbitrary units/sq. pixel. Data was taken from at least three independent experiments. s.d., standard deviation