Table 1.

Phenotypes of Aurora-A mutants and knockdowns

Organism Gene name Phenotype References
C. elegans air-1 Monopolar spindles (centrosomes collapse after NEBD)1 (1) Hannak et al., 2001
Weak astral MTs2 (2) Motegi et al., 2006
Ectopic cortical furrowing during late mitosis2 (3) Srayko et al., 2005
Decrease in centrosomal MT levels1 (4) Portier et al., 2007
Reduced MT nucleation rate3 (5) Hachet et al., 2007
Defective centrosome maturation1 (6) Schumacher et al., 1998
Delay in mitotic entry1,4,5
Delay in NEBD1,4,5
Abnormal-looking centrosomes6
Aneuploidy and embryonic lethality6
D. melanogaster aurora-a Monopolar spindles7 (7) Glover et al., 1995
Short astral MTs8 (8) Giet et al., 2002
Defective centrosome maturation9,10 (9) Terada et al., 2003
Loss of asymmetric localisation of Numb in sensory organ precursors and neuroblasts10-12 (10) Berdnik and Knoblich, 2002
(11) Wang et al., 2006
(12) Lee et al., 2006
X. laevis eg2 Monopolar or short bipolar spindles in egg extracts13,14 (13) Liu and Ruderman, 2006
Partially decondensed chromatin13 (14) Peset et al., 2005
Failure in meiosis I to meiosis II transition in oocytes15 (15) Castro et al., 2003
Defects in CPEB-dependent translational regulation during oocyte maturation16 (16) Sarkissian et al., 2004
H. sapiens aurora-a Monopolar spindles17,21 (17) Girdler et al., 2006
Delay in mitotic entry18,20,21 (18) Hirota et al., 2003
Defective centrosome maturation18,19 (19) De Luca et al., 2006
Misaligned chromosomes in metaphase17,21 (20) Marumoto et al., 2002
(21) Marumoto et al., 2003