Table 1.

Dependency of centrosome localization on siRNA-mediated protein depletion

siRNA Cep68 Cep215 Rootletin C-Nap1 Pericentrin
Cep68 Good depletion Displaced from centrosome
Cep215 Some residual protein
Rootletin Displaced from centrosome Good depletion
C-Nap1 Displaced from centrosome* Displaced from centrosome* Some residual protein
Pericentrin Diminished Strongly reduced Diminished Good depletion
  • –, no significant effect on localization

  • * Depending on the extent of C-Nap1 depletion, Cep68 and rootletin were either displaced from the centrosome or formed fewer and longer filaments at centrioles, exactly as reported previously (Bahe et al., 2005)