Table 2.

Quantification of prospore membrane defects in vps13Δ, sma2Δ and erv14Δ

Relevant genotype* Number of PrSM PrSM capturing nucleus (%) Size of PrSM (μm)§ Boomerang shape PrSM
Wild type 3.7 100 2.95 0
vps13Δ/vps13Δ 2.2 26.1 1.60 0
sma2Δ/sma2Δ 2.4 41.5 1.58 17.6
erv14Δ/erv14Δ 3.1 67.5 1.71 11.4
  • * Only cells that had completed Meiosis II, as judged by DAPI staining were scored for the analysis

  • For each strain the number of prospore membranes present per cell for over 200 cells were counted

  • The percentage of prospore membranes that encapsulated a nucleus, as judged by DAPI staining is shown. Over 200 individual prospore membranes were scored for each strain

  • § The longest diameter of over 200 prospore membranes was measured in each strain. The average diameter is given

  • The percentage of prospore membranes displaying a boomerang morphology, as in Fig. 1, is shown. Over 200 prospore membranes were analyzed in each strain