Table 1.

The SLC12 family of electroneutral cation-coupled Cl co-transporters

Member* Co-transport ions Tissue distribution Disease
SLC12A1 (NKCC2) Na+/K+/2Cl- Kidney-specific (TAL) Bartter's syndrome type I
SLC12A2 (NKCC1) Na+/K+/2Cl- Ubiquitous None
SLC12A3 (NCC) Na+/Cl- Kidney-specific (DCT); bone? Gitelman's syndrome
SLC12A4 (KCC1) K+/Cl- Ubiquitous None
SLC12A5 (KCC2) K+/Cl- Neuron-specific None
SLC12A6 (KCC3) K+/Cl- Widespread Anderman's syndrome
SLC12A7 (KCC4) K+/Cl- Widespread None
SLC12A8 (CCC9) Unknown Widespread Psoriasis
SLC12A9 (CIP) Unknown Widespread None
  • * Names in parentheses indicate the protein symbol.