Table 1.

Identification of GCP2-6 homologs in A. nidulans by a blast search of the A. nidulans genome database

A. nidulans
γ-TUC protein Homo sapiens Cadre/AspGD Broad E value A. nidulans gene symbol Protein product Predicted mass of protein (kDa)
GCP2 Q9BSJ2 AN5873.4 ANID_05873.1 0 gcpB GCPB 98.9
GCP3 Q96CW5 AN4867.4 ANID_04867.1 0 gcpC GCPC 108.9
GCP4 Q9UGJ1 AN2176.4 ANID_02176.1 1.58E-12 gcpD GCPD 85.6
GCP5 AAK77662 AN8120.4 ANID_08120.1 4.09E-18 gcpE GCPE 102.8
GCP6 AAK82968 AN1005.4 ANID_01005.1 5.26E-11 gcpF GCPF 107.5
  • The designations of human GCP-encoding genes are from NCBI. The Broad Institute designations for A. nidulans genes have changed recently. We have, therefore, listed the new Broad Institute designations as well as the older designations that are used by the other A. nidulans genome databases, the Central Aspergillus Data Repository (CADRE, and the Aspergillus Genome Database (AspGD,