Table 2.

Localization of γ-tubulin and GCPs in gcp deletant strains

Fusion protein mipAΔ gcpBΔ gcpCΔ gcpDΔ gcpEΔ gcpFΔ
γ-tubulin–mCherry N/A + + +
GCPB-GFP N/A + + +
GCPC-GFP N/A + + +
  • The column at the left shows the γ-tubulin and GCP fusion proteins that we tested for localization. Each of the other columns shows the localization results in strains or heterokaryons carrying particular deletions, which are given at the top of each column. + indicates that the fluorescent protein fusion localized to the SPB. – indicates that no localization was visible. Thus, for example, none of the GCP fusion proteins localized to the SPB in germlings carrying the deletion of the mipA (γ-tubulin) gene, whereas, γ-tubulin–mCherry, GCPB-GFP and GCPC-GFP localized normally in the gcpF deletion strain, and GCPD-GFP and GCPE-GFP did not localize to the SPB

    N/A, not applicable