Table 1.

Table 1. Wound size does not affect epithelial wound repair dynamics in wild-type embryos

Wild typea<50032.7±1.71002.2±0.26.7±0.53.8±0.312.0±1.427.2±1.782.8±1.4
Wild type500–120050.4±3.81003.1±0.55.9±0.75.0±0.510.2±1.242.3±3.383.9±1.1
Wild type>1200103.3±13.41005.7±1.75.4±1.69.7±2.49.6±2.488.0±12.984.9±3.8
  • a Wild-type embryos express sGMCA.

  • b Total time is determined as the time in expansion, coalescence and contraction. Closure is excluded because the precision of measuring openings of <15 um2 is unreliable.