Table 1.

Functional classification of genes upregulated or downregulated by at least 1.5-fold in primary cultures of undifferentiated spermatogonia treated with the CXCR4-specific inhibitor AMD3100 compared with vehicle-treated control cultures

Biological processDownregulated genesUpregulated genes
Primary metabolic processRpl21, Rps27aPrkg2, Rpl36, Ptpn22
Cell adhesionTnc, Mmp13, Tnnt2, Ccbe1Hmgb1, Adamts5
Cell cycleHmga2, Prkg2
Signaling transductionBtc, Prkg2, Ereg, Fgf2, Ptpn22, Pmepa1, Gpr149Tax1bp3
TranslationRpl21, Mtif2, Rps27aRpl36, Snord115, U6, Rpl30
Defense responseC3ar1
Developmental processAngptl2Speer4d